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ABV Group gathers industrial managers, academics, customers and managers from various sectors of activity who have trusted us, who trust us, and who will trust us, because they find the right support within the ABV community.


“I was impressed by the audit report. It is good quality and goes into many details. They have excellent consultants who are well managed. The combination produces a quality report.”

Auchan France Taxation Department

“The most profitable missions are those for which the customer gets involved and when both know-how and expertise complete each other.”

IT and telecoms Consultant

“We appreciate ABV methodology which relies on a rigorous inventory of financial, regulatory framework and search for optimization. We have appreciated the relevance and efficiency in terms of results for the clients. Beyond budgetary optimization, health care issues within the company are boosted.”

Health care and pension funds senior Consultant

“With ABV, the various cost studies have generated significant savings. Their consultants and project managers are available, whenever necessary. The collaboration runs smoothly.”

SOCIETE ANDRE BAZIN Financial Department

“ABV customers particularly appreciate how audit missions are carried out: in-depth understanding of the study area, good quality of interventions and audit reports, effective support in the implementation.”

Transition and absenteeism Consultant

“ABV's key asset is that even when a mission will not involve specific results which means no remuneration for them, they will deliver a comprehensive study.”

Bahier Financial Department

“ABV has fulfilled our expectations. I have found a better contact and a more personalized approach and insight than with other consulting companies. The treatment of cases is much more professional. They have an in-depth understanding and an analytical approach much more effective than the other players on the market.”

TRW CARR Financial Direction

“As an example among many others. In the scope of an audit mission regarding vehicle fleet, the administrative director could not attend the mission’s first meeting beyond a quarter of an hour. Four hours later, he was still there and had completely involved himself considering the quality of our expert consultant and the significant number of savings opportunities… It resulted in 18 % budget savings, with a recovery of 1 million euros, a 100 % brand new fleet and more than 300t/year of CO2 savings.”

José-Marie Jaeger, ABV Group Founder

“The vehicle fleet only represented 27 % vehicles. At the end of the audit mission, we have gained around 45K€ savings, owing to the negotiations between car manufacturers and car rental agencies and with a new definition of the vehicles. We have negotiated flexible and risk free contractual conditions, usually granted to large fleets. Until the end, the audit mission has been carried out in the most harmonious way, our interlocutor being quite receptive and aware of our know-how.”

Vehicle Fleet Consultant

“It is very interesting to work closely with the clients’ teams, in particular to see how in-house processes can evolve during the mission. The customer’s personnel involved in the mission often call to ask specific questions and understand our methodology… Over time, they acquire new practices, new skills, motivation being the background, they feel comfortable and more committed to their company, with an enhanced sense of self-fulfillment.”

ABV Executive Assistant

They trust us