The Big Idea

Adding Business Value Group has been founded on the principle of applying industrial expertise to consulting business: collaborative work, cost cross-sectional vision, project management, planning, analytical methodology, lean management.

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ABV strategic management allows you to reduce the gap between your present situation and the regulatory framework or market potential opportunities. Our exchanges will bring meaning, innovation and creativity to our missions, in order to multiply value for your company.

The Big Idea: first of all, our collaboration is team work, with you and your team, with our management project and our expert consultant, with ABV community.

Key asset


There is no time sheet. Quality is the only refence of the audit mission and our remuneration is based on a success-fee basis, according to the objective we have agreed with you.


Challenging the "hyper specialist" expert compels him or her to be able to offer a high level service, in an educational orientation, more transverse in the analysis and the results presentation.


Bringing a management vision; i.e.: a current report of the present situation, of risks, of opportunities and operational possibilities for your company’s strategic cost management.

Bearing in mind your management decisions, you will be totally free to make up your mind as fas as the implementation of our studies is concerned. We will stay constantly by your side according to your needs.


At a time when companies have to face multiple challenges, they need consulting services capable of making analyses, comments and recommendations to be in a position to  make the right decisions within the good timing. The consultant must not only guide but also be able to support operationally.  

Our strength: our cross-sectional knowledge of companies enables us to have a view of costs in their context. Thus, we can study all optimisation possibilities for your company be it upstream or downstream activities, in order to bring you management vision for your cost management.

Our methodology

Our work method is the result of ABV Group founders' industrial experiences.

Listening phase, exchange of experiences, information collection, study by consultancy firm, in-house validation of recommendations then audit presentation, audit report, client decision, skills transfer and support to implementation, follow up, watch, and assistance.  

This methodology is not really "business-oriented". It is basically cross-sectional and can apply whatever the issues or the know-how.

It allows, for instance, to adapt purchasing practices from automobile industry to food industry, broadening the scope of possibilities.

This is also secure for both of us. In fact, our methodology allows several audit missions to be followed easily, whatever the areas of study or expertise.

As a matter of fact, the process used for carrying out the audit mission is self-enhancing, because it allows our partners to keep their management freedom and share easily their skills.

"An example among others. In the scope of an audit mission regarding vehicle fleet, the administrative director could not attend the mission’s first meeting for more than a quarter of an hour. Four hours later, he was still there and was completely involved given the quality of our expert consultant and the significant number of savings opportunities… It resulted in 18 % budget savings, with a recovery of 1 million euros, a 100 % brand new fleet and more than 300t/year of CO2 savings."

José-Marie Jaeger, ABV Group founder

Our references

Our vision and methodology are useful in many of the following business sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Banking / Insurance
  • Wood / Paper / Cardboard / Printing
  • Building / Building materials
  • Risk capital
  • Chemicals / Parachemicals
  • Retail / Distribution
  • Cooperative / Foundations / Associations
  • Publishing / Communications / Advertising / Media
  • Electronic industry
  • Energy / Environment
  • Engineering and consulting
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IT / Telecoms / FinTech
  • Industry machines and equipment/Automobile industry
  • Metallurgy / Metal industry
  • Plastics / Rubber
  • Health / Medical equipment
  • Company services / Facilities Management
  • Textile / Clothing / Shoe
  • Transports / Logistics