Our know-how

Strategic cost management


Payroll costs and professional risks (social costs, interim costs, absenteeism costs, DNS).

Local taxes (CVAE, CFE, property taxes, other taxes, local fees) and other contributions, environmental taxes and “eco-taxes” (TVS, Eco-Emballages, DEEE, oil, flour).

In case of tax audits -local or property taxes, eco-packaging taxes such as Eco-Emballages or any other public or private organizations- or social audits (URSSAF), we can provide the necessary support.

Our hallmark: risks and opportunities of social, and accessory taxes declarative obligations.


Health care, pension funds, absenteeism, work accidents and occupational diseases rates, legal action against third parties, professional liability insurance, multirisk insurance, fleet vehicles, banking costs, financial costs.

Insurance consulting, risk and insurance management.

Off balance sheet financing.

Our hallmark: cost structures, risk and market values.


Economic and financial audit, diagnosis, financial expertise, interim management and management control.

Accounting transactions audits.

Transfer of ownership.

Innovative financing including Research Tax Credit and subsidies.

Our hallmark: possibility of self-financing.


Production or non-production purchasing, direct or indirect, strategic or non-strategic, covered or not by purchasing management, including auditing suppliers contracts.

Our hallmark: how the standard purchasing practices, waste and energy savings, energy efficiency can evolve.

Professional certifications

The French company of ABV Group is a certified member of OPQCM (independent professional qualification organization) and signatory of the French Diversity Charter.
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Customized support services

We do not offer standardized products. We listen and share with you various points of view in order to meet your expectations and provide you with the best adapted support and audit services. Each of our audit missions is adapted to your needs and kept strictly confidential.

“ We really appreciate ABV Group methodology. It relies on a rigourous inventory of financial and regulatory risks, and tracking optimization. We like its relevance and efficiency in terms of results. Beyond costs optimization, there is a real dynamic impact on corporate governance and social protection.”

Health care and pension funds senior Consultant

Emphasizing value creation

Cost reduction and consulting activities have evolved in several fields: organization and management, downsizing, standardized solutions, re-engineering such as cost-killing and strategic cost management.

We focus on strategic cost management to ensure and develop the value of your company. This requires the analysis of costs in terms of value chain and company environment.

It also implies that we can share your business issues with you and help you improve your competitive position and profitability with boldness and imagination on an long-term basis.

ABV  business model is based on a win/win solution. We operate on a success fee basis: our fees are paid from generated savings. No specific budget is required before launching an audit. Both parties are winners. It is a rewarding and transparent business model for both.


What we do not do

We do not standardize our work methods nor use agressive and mass marketing techniques of our practices. We are against downsizing and “cost killing” solutions.

Obtaining good results and providing satisfaction for the benefit of your company are the core of our objectives.

We only start a mission once we have clearly understood its key issues and verified we have the right professional expertise at hand.

Our dedicated tools

In this fast moving world, requiring rapid feedback as well as shorter and more secure information flows, an easy or “intuitive” know-how integration, ABV Community has developed dedicated tools to improve your operational efficiency, foster your team's training and generate savings for your company.

Improving the skills of your team


Your company’s competitivity relies first on your team's motivation and skills. The knowledge and in-depth understanding of strategic cost management displayed by our community will meet your expectations and will valorize your team in terms of skills.

This is why we have matched our cost optimization know-how with HUMANESSENCE’s professional services specialized in recruitment, awarded BFM Académie 2008, and thus has become a member of ABV network.

Combining the specific skills of “hyper specialists” in various sectors allows us to offer you the best targeted candidates for recruitement and transition management purposes in the following activities:


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bank and market finance

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human resources and payroll

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tax and legal

Logo finance d01edc0fca29fa6eefc0dd687be3e4e287ebaac537c20533f9a2929ae559247e

finance and accounting

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purchasing performance

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Information Technologies

We can provide you with operational profiles for top/middle management.

All our missions are achieved in the spirit of ethical principles, such as information and data confidentiality and non-discrimination. We have signed the Charter of Diversity.

Direct expertise transfer

ABV Group will work together with your teams during the whole mission. Exchanging business experiences and information allows ABV teams to transfer their know-how and skills, through business issues analysis and innovative solutions. The audit report illustrates such methodology. Bringing together ABV teams (the project manager and the expert consultant) with your own teams facilitates such transfer.

“ It is very interesting to work closely with the clients’ teams, particularly to see how in-house processes can evolve during the mission. The customer’s personnel involved in the mission often call me to ask specific questions and understand our methodology… Over time, they gain new practices, new skills, and motivation is always there, they feel comfortable and more valued within their company.”

ABV Executive Assistant