Industrial know-how adapted for consulting

ABV Group

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Adding Business Value Group was founded twenty years ago by industry leaders, with the objective of bringing industrial know-how to the consulting world for creation of value.

Today, by focusing on strategic cost management, we meet your requirements for business agility, anticipation and complementary resources according to the nature of your project. 

We do not offer downsizing or standardized solutions. On the contrary, we provide managers, with highly technical  studies and audits, based on mutual exchanges of business experiences, with you and your teams, as well as operational business support. We transfer our skills, search for targeted profiles and offer professional tools to meet your teams requirements.

Planning, collaborative work, clarification and cross-sectionality are at the heart of our business relationships and our methodology. We believe that working with your and our skills together is more valuable than working with them separately.

We serve our clients on a project-oriented basis, together with the experience and skills of duly selected “hyper experts”, in order to advise you operationally and  pragmatically. ABV Group’s structure relies on a network of consulting firms, combining professionals from business and consulting environments.


ABV’s main activity consists in delivering high potential audit missions in social costs, local taxes, insurance and financial costs, purchasing and general expenses performance, as well as energy issues.

ABV mobilizes expertise to give you specific and pragmatic answers, with an audit report summarizing review of risks, opportunities and optimizing possibilities for managers.

ABV controls the implementation of the audit reports’ recommendations.


Your team's skills will be improved thanks to the transfer of know-how and recruitment of management and operational profiles.


Dedicated tools are designed to perform and improve the operational efficiency of your company and improve the skills of your team, as well as enable you to save money.

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Our know-how: consists of a mix of methodology, process and innovation, a thorough understanding of management requirements, costs cross-sectionality and your organization management.

Our managers

José Marie Jaeger

José-Marie Jaeger

Founder and CEO

Sciences Po Paris, DESS Sciences Eco Paris Assas, MBA-Harvard Business School.

José-Marie Jaeger has held various positions in Fortune’s 500 companies in the USA and Europe. His expertise includes the paper industry with Weyerhaeuser and mechanics and water counting with Schlumberger. As an investor, he has managed small-medium sized companies in the sectors of oil services, distribution and logistics.

Mr. Jaeger founded Investissement & Conseil in France, and ABV network in Europe, to offer industry practices and methodology to the consulting world. 

José-Marie Jaeger currently manages the ABV management, communications and project management sectors.

Damien Riso

Damien Riso

Partner and Director

Executive Officer-ESCP Europe, Bachelor of Business Administration-MBA Institute, specializes in market finance and company management.

Damien Riso developed his own trading activity with shares and derivatives on European and American markets, then managed investment capital and business developpement activities.

He joined Investissement & Conseil in 2005 as a consultant specializing in optimizing local taxes, social costs, overheads general expenses and cash flow management. He developed sectors such as food industry, pharmaceuticals, mass distribution, insurance/banking.

Damien Riso is currently in charge of ABV business development and project management.

The Scientific Committee

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The ABV Scientific Committee examines and innovates on relevant business topics in order to strengthen ABV strategy and development. It mobilizes representative personalities from ABV community such as academics, experts, customers, managers.

Michel Chevalier

Specializes in Marketing and Private Equity issues

Michel Chevalier,  HEC, Master’s degree in law, Paris, MBA Harvard Business School, Doctor in Business Administration, Harvard University, has had a long international career in the luxury, distribution and retail sectors. He has served as General Manager and Chairman of groups such as Paco Rabanne, Révillon Group, Parfums Grès, Bluebell Asia. He subsequently became a consultant in transition management with Egon Zehnder Interim Management (EIM) to promote the luxury sector. He opened their Shanghai office.

As a transition management expert in the luxury sector, he has lectured at HEC, International Fashion Academy, in Paris, Milan, Seoul, Shanghai. He has published a large number of reference books on luxury tendencies and trends in the industrialized countries.

Bertrand Jacquillat

Specializes in Financial markets and micro economics of organizations

Bertrand Jacquillat, Doctor’s degree in financial economics Paris University (Dauphine), MBA Harvard Business School, HEC and Sciences Po Paris, has both University degrees and consultancy experience in financial optimization. He has lectured at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Hoover Institution, HEC, Lille University and Paris Dauphine, Sciences Po Paris. Director of several companies, he is also a member of the Conseil d’Analyse Economique,  co-founder and Honorary Chairman of  Associés en Finance, and Vice-President of the Cercle des Economistes. He is also Emeritus Professor of Universities.

He has published an extensive number of articles and books on finance, stock exchange and financial markets.

Damien Guermonprez

Specializes in Financial services and FinTech

Damien Guermonprez, MBA Harvard Business School, Master in Financial Techniques ESSEC, DESS in international Finance et Taxation systems,

Has created and managed several credit institutions, leasing and insurance companies for large groups. In 1999, he was appointed CEO of Banque Accord (Groupe Auchan), and then joined Aon France (insurance, reinsurance brokerage). He has also created Case Credit Europe, the leasing division of Case Corp (CNH today) in Europe.

Damien Guermonprez is also a capital investor in sectors such as financial services (Buy Way Personal Finance) and of FinTech (Financial Technology). Investor and CEO of Lemon Way, an authorized pan-European payment service provider, he has published articles in financial reviews (Revue d’Économie Financière).


We bring together hyper specialization in a broad range of expertise.

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Our experts are considered by their peers as “hyper experts”, because they have focused on niche subjects for several years. For each audit mission, ABV mobilizes the most talented experts who will bring the best responses to your needs. ABV includes more than thirty experienced consultants.

Our team is specialized in multiple business areas: business and tax lawyers, logistic technicians, consulting engineers, buyers, financial professionals and actuaries. They also have environment and energy expertise ... Beyond their academic background, they possess a wide operational experience in business management.

All of our experts adhere to ABV’s Code of Ethics.




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Our values

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Humility, high standards, trust and excellence are our values.


Humility, because in business relationships, we do not impose our knowledge and we foster our capability to listen to our clients.


Highest standards for ourselves as well as others, for better mutual understanding.


Trust, an essential condition considering the specific relationship we are building with you.


Excellence, fully approved by our community and delineated by a rigourous methodology, the quality of our business relationships favours the results of our missions.

ABV network

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Our network organization means for us the best way to share our values with you, promote our community, gather our skills, within quick deadlines and optimal conditions.

The network allows you and your team to be advised in the most appropriate way, and helps you get the right answers to your questions, to ensure the success of your projects and improve your competitivity and performance.

We are convinced that you will find what you are looking for, and that the diversity of « hyper specialization » will enable you to have the additional appropriate skills and promote other points of view. We propose to go faster and further to fulfill the objectives of your business performance.

You have the opportunity to benefit from and share business experiences and cooperation, and be in a position to explore different approaches and ideas. These permanent exchanges will result not only in approved and successful initiatives but also innovative solutions.

The ABV network facilitates excellent intrapersonal relationships. Working together is a choice. We work on a trustworthy and transparent basis: we share the same motivations and relevant skills that are the necessary conditions to your success.