Your company's strategic vision

Achieving projects

Such projects can require material, financial or human resources, but they all meet defined objectives and your company's vision.

Strategic cost management is a discipline for managers owing to its management vision and decision-making tool. It consists of studying one or several cost areas, or expenses, then support your team's work, to help you achieve your objectives or even outperform them.

As a result, please tell us about the nature of your project and we will let you know how we can contribute to it.


For instance:

Is it about improving performance? Financing innovation? Reducing internal costs? Forecast a major change in your company...?

As a result of these exchanges, we will carry out together the assigned audit mission which will contribute to the value of your company.

Advantage: you do not need to have a specific budget to launch an audit mission with us. Our remuneration scheme is based on a success fee basis, according to the measurable, concrete results generated. This is a win/win model without risk for you.

“ The vehicle fleet only represented 27 % vehicles. At the end of the audit mission, we have gained around 45K€ savings, owing to the negotiations between car manufacturers and car rental agencies and with a new definition of the car policy. We have negotiated flexible and risk free contractual conditions, usually granted to large fleets. Until the final stage, the audit mission has been carried out in the most harmonious way, with our interlocutor particularly attentive and aware of  our know-how.”

Vehicle Fleet Consultant 

“ABV has fulfilled our expectations. We have had a better contact and a more personalized approach and insight than with other consulting companies. The treatment of issues is much more professional. They have an in-depth understanding and a more effective analysis than other players on the market.”

Financial and Administrative Manager of TRW CARR

Reinforcing operational efficiency

Some examples: evolutive purchasing practices and methodology for social, tax declarations...

In order to "safeguard the method", you wish to make a study of your present practices to make them more fluid and secure. You expect process improvement and transfer of new skills to your teams so as to reduce management internal costs and increase process performances. contact us

Protecting results

Some examples: social, taxes, parafiscal regulatory framework, operational implementation, regulatory and declarations obligations in purchasing practices.

In order to safeguard the results, you wish to avoid “unexpected” costs that could have a negative impact on the financial results of your company. contact us


Some examples: mature purchasing performance, operational management, regulatory and legal risks and opportunities, cost structures, suppliers margins.

In a competitive environment, you wish to improve your profit margins to strengthen your company’s competitiveness. The objective of the audit mission is to analyse your situation on the market, compared to your competitors, in terms of costs and competitive advantages. contact us

Becoming more competitive

Some examples: operational costs, industrial and energy efficiency are some of our concerns.

You wish to compare your situation related to your legal environment, good practices and market costs to identify the gaps that are favourable or not. The objective of the audit mission consists of a complete, methodological and accounting review, whose results must be presented as management tools and helpful for decision makers. contact us


Some examples: operational costs, industrial and energy efficiency are some of our concerns.

You wish to recruit potentials and find operational targeted profiles which are cost management-oriented. ABV helps you find the targeted profiles in its areas of expertise.

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Self-financing projects

Some examples: financing a new head office, industrial vehicles fleet, sales vehicles, copiers and printers, energy efficient program investments.

• Financing at the lowest costs develops your business (investment, innovation, international). It also provides additional resources under the form of public aids, LBO, financial conditions and optimized rental/leasing/property lease contracts as well as increased self-financing capacities.
• Financing operations (cash management) to find additional resources and optimize your cash management.
• Financing innovation. contact us

Reducing costs

Some examples: social contribution rates, taxes, measurement and management of purchasing needs, checking suppliers accounts.

You wish to optimize results and cash flows. A full review of cost items, employer’s charges and expenses is required. The objective of the audit mission is good planning. It will determine the chronology according to your specific needs. contact us

Specific projects

We are here to help you fulfill your projects and build the best offer adapted to your strategic objectives.

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